Grounded Theory refs

Thank you to all who have contacted me re grounded theory refs: here they are 🙂

Engward, H. & Davis, G. (2015) Reflexivity in the grounded theory research process. Nurse researcher. Being reflexive in qualitative grounded theory. Journal Advanced Nursing

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How can ethics committees judge whether researchers are competent to conduct qualitative research?

Julie Mooney-Somers

I’ve just taught a session on ethics in qualitative research, part of an intensive course designed to give attendees an appreciation of the philosophical and ethical issues underlying research involving human participants. There was good representation from those who called themselves qual researchers, those who had done some qual research, those who felt comfortable that they knew a bit about it and finally, those who had only been exposed through sitting on a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

Many of the concerns that qualitative research raised for HREC members were driven by the sense that the particulars of qualitative research are unspecified and/or unspecifiable. HRECs can’t be sure who exactly researchers will talk to and what precisely they will talk to them about. It sounded like HREC members felt they can’t exert the control they think is necessary to protect participants. I think they are right. Much qualitative research involves…

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unnecessary medical care

Interesting article by Gawande. Whilst referring to the US system, it is as applicable to the UK context. We need to think about what we do and why we do it and ask questions about whose best interests care prescribed in – the professionals, the patient or the public.